BROODS have just released their new album “Space Island” which is a very fun 10-track collection of indie/dance/pop music that is so very easy to enjoy.

Over the last couple of months BROODS have given us a few album teasers with ‘Piece Of My Mind’, ‘Heartbreak’ and ‘Like A Woman’, and today they’re also highlighting one of the other album songs, ‘I Keep’, which features Swedish artist (and good friend) Tove Lo.

“During the quieter months of the pandemic I was doing a lot of sessions on zoom. This song came from one with a producer from Sweden called Madde. I said to her that day “I feel like I’m a moth that keeps flying into a hot porch lamp, then reincarnating, only to die the same way over and over”. We thought it would be fun to write as if I really were a moth and ‘I Keep’ happened. I knew Tove would know exactly what I really meant when I said I was a moth. And she did.” – BROODS

“Caleb and Georgia are like my family, and I just love making music with them. ‘I Keep’ came together from afar and I think it’s so beautiful and dreamy. Georgia called me and said “I wrote this story about a moth and how it’s drawn to something that will eventually kill it… Do you wanna write a verse about that?”. I did. I love that it’s part of Space Island, the perfect place to escape to. Just like our hangs. It’s an oasis of love and peace.“ – Tove Lo

BROODS are also planning to take the album on tour across Australia and North America throughout March/June – you can find the dates & ticket info here 

out now via: Universal Music Australia
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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