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Australian newcomer Modren has a new track to share with us this week called ‘Living’ which is an intoxicating 90’s UK-house treat that is sure to get your shoulders shaking and your booty bouncing. It’s warm, summery and very nostalgic, and even though it’s already over five-minutes in length I was still left wanting more each time it ended – that says it all really!  “I wanted to make a classic 90s sounding house track with a french disco flavour that feels just as good dancing to in a club as it does in a living room. The song aims to remind us that the best part of living is often the simple things, like listening to music with good friends, that help us briefly forget about our worries and responsibilities and to enjoy the present moment of life.” – Modren
out now via: Kitsune artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

One thought on “Modren – ‘Living’

  1. Lesley says:

    Amazing! Thank you for sharing. Best find of late and per his IG following, he’s still so up and coming!

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