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With things starting to heat up down under with the summer festival season approaching and sunny days ahead, Satin Jackets has provided us with a real heater of a release in the form of his new single ‘Don’t Worry’, in part an ode to one of the greats in Daft Punk and in another a warm sonic odyssey filled with uplifting soundscapes and uncompromising groove that’ll set your night alight.

Satin Jackets wastes no time in the endeavour to get the dance floors moving with a thick four to the floor dance beat thumping through your speakers from the word go, and the infectiousness of the track is injected further through the use of glowing synths that sets the enticing mood in tact for the remainder of the track. As the groove continues to make its presence known throughout, Satin Jackets further intensifies the mix with the bright synths breaking through the mix and providing an energising sensation that you simply can’t ignore.

“When Daft Punk announced they’d split up earlier this year I, like many, consoled myself digging through their back catalogue…Going back and listening to tracks that, especially in the late nineties, soundtracked many of my favourite club memories was a bittersweet experience and I was inspired to write ‘Don’t Worry’, in part as a tribute to everyone’s favourite robots but also a reflection on my own past and where I am now.” – Satin Jackets

Stream: Eskimo Recordings
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