Just when we thought 2020 was mayhem, what a crazy 12 months we’ve all experienced in 2021!

From going in and out of lockdowns every few months, to battling constant weather challenges that the good old East Coast of Australia can provide, the only real certainty that came around was how good the quality of music releases was as the year progressed, as well as how much of an outlet that was for maintaining my own personal mental health amongst all the madness going on.

Seeing big artists such as LANY and RUFUS DU SOL add some serious belters to their already impressive back catalogues was a real treat throughout the year, as well as some serious up and coming talents like Nox Holloway, Beso Palma, Zachary Knowles and Sam MacPherson showing the world why they’re well and truly on their way to global recognition.

On a side note, I think we all need to thank the geniuses that are Bruno Mars and Anderson Paak for bringing forth one of the finest collaborative projects in recent times with Silk Sonic. ‘An Evening With Silk Sonic’ brought back the funk and soul to a mainstream audience, and with both artists delivering some of the most catchy melodies and grooves of the year it was no surprise how this album was received globally.

The emoji that best sums up my year:  😌

1. LANY – gg bb xx

2. Zachary Knowles – tendency to be a loner

3. Nox Holloway – The Reds (EP)

4. Beso Palma – Us (EP)

5. Silk Sonic – An Evening With Silk Sonic

6. Shallou – The Long Way Home (EP)

7. Justin Bieber – Justice

8. Fractures – Summer (EP)

9. RUFUS DU SOL – Surrender

10. Sam MacPherson – Songs For Sam (EP)


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