Drake – Honestly, Nevermind (LP) FRIDAY FAVES Acid Stag Radio Lemonade Baby – ‘Alien’ ROOSEVELT – Passion (feat. Nile Rodgers) 44 Ardent – ‘nomoreheat’
The dream team of producer Pablo Nouvelle and multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer, singer Kinnship have combined their expertise together for a warm and glowing collection of texture and colour in their impressive collaborative LP ‘Stones & Geysers’, a ten-track release that showcases the pristine production of Nouvelle at its highest quality all while Kinnships‘s stunning vocals leave us with goosebumps. Throughout the journey that is ‘Stones & Geysers’, we experience a lush and smoothened production base that transfers a calming groove through an off-kilter percussion that provides a significant amount of character to the already rich soundscape. With the gripping vocals haunting the mixes, Nouvelle manages to lather us up with those captivating pianos that adds to the already boastful depth on offer throughout.

out now via: Believe artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter

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