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After producing some seriously impressive releases under his side project FENGSEL recently, Jerry Folk teams up with vocalist AERIN for a bright and bubbly offering titled ‘Play A Lot’ that produces an addictive groove whilst ensuring a vibrancy through the uplifting instrumentation and vocals on offer throughout. ‘Play A Lot’ centres itself around a playfulness with the colourful approach in the instrumentation becoming a key component in the early stages of the narrative with those shiny keys and synths striking through the mix. With AERIN‘s light and angelic vocals floating gently through the soundscape, Folk brings the party through with the crunchy rhythm section making its presence known in the chorus through those thumping drums and charismatic bass line getting the groove going. “I had a session with AERIN back in 2017 when I was still living in LA and this is the first song we made. The song sounded completely different then and I kinda never did anything with it, years after, I made this beat and I remembered the song I did with Aerin and realized the vocals would fit it perfectly. So that’s pretty much how the track came together. I love when I’m able to recycle old stuff I haven’t found a home for yet.” – Jerry Folk 
out now via: Folkestad Recordings artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Instagram

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