Los Angeles producer Eric Sharp continues to ignite the dance floors across the globe with a real heater of a track in his new single ‘Like Water’, a dark and murky electronic offering showcasing some serious synth production and intoxicating grooves that also features the mesmerising vocals of Doe Paoro.

The tone of ‘Like Water’ is set from the word go, with the ominousness coming through from the intriguing synths and bass lines that is energised from the playfulness of the dance groove. Paoro’s enchanting vocals move through the mix in an effortless manner, and really strike through the production in the lead up to the drop with those repetitive melodies staking their place in your memory. As we arrive into the chorus section, we are given the ultimate podium to let loose with a thick and dirty synth/synth bass combination blaring through your speakers with sheer grit.

“Throughout my life I’ve sought serenity heavily – serenity is calm within the storm, not absence of a storm. Water has the ability to be still and deep, or adapt to the fast pace of rushing rapids, and everything in between.” – Eric Sharp

out now via: Create Music Group
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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