Sydney-based singer/songwriter Billy Fox continues to stun us with his hazy vocals and smoothened production with his brand new soul-laden single ‘Break This Hunger’, a thumping release filled with commanding melodies and robust electronic influence that provides plenty of edge and grit throughout its journey.

Teaming up with fellow Sydney producer Pat Carroll on production, ‘Break This Hunger’ smacks you across the face with its domineering presence across all fronts, whether that be those stunning vocals that stand firm in the centre of the mix luring us in with much intrigue or the penetrating percussion adding plenty of strength to the backbone of the piece. Adding the cherry on top are those rising synths coming to the forefront in the pivotal sections, and what we are left with is a masterpiece of production that leads you on a thrilling journey filled with plenty of surging energy.

“The lyrics were written around the time Morrison cut funding for the arts in 2019/2020 and are pointed towards the struggles of being an artist in Australia.” – Billy Fox

out now via: Billy Fox
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