Sydney-turned-Melbourne producer Wave Racer continues to marvel under the electronic/pop banner whilst staying true to his glitchy roots with his long awaited debut album ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’, an eleven track odyssey filled with uplifting instrumentation and breezy melodies that collectively feel like a warm and inviting hug.

Featuring previous singles ‘Dreaming’, ‘Left Behind’ and ‘Look Up to Yourself’, ‘To Stop From Falling Off The Earth’ takes influence from the likes of The 1975 with its buoyant grooves and energising instrumentation such as the soaring guitars and smoothened bass which provides the perfect amount of vibrancy for Wave Racer‘s easy-going melodies that intertwine with the uplifting soundscape on offer and injects that extra little bit more colour to the already highly spirited mixes.

All of these songs are made from a feeling of being at a loose end – like flailing around in the wind directionless, with no anchoring in reality,” says Purcell of the album’s resonant emotionality, a sonic balm for anxious times that reverberates for both the listener and its creator. “To Stop From Falling Off The Earth is an attempt to say, “this album is going to remind you about the things that you can do to ground yourself.” And these are the things that have happened to me and have worked for me – this is a story about preventing myself from losing touch with reality.” – Wave Racer

Tickets for Wave Racer‘s December tour are on sale now.

out now via: ASTRAL PEOPLE
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