Fresh off the recent release of his pristine single ‘Hold Secrets’, UK-based producer Verdance continues to expand the sound palate with a wide range of influence on offer in his brand new release ‘Tongue’ – an atmospheric journey through a darkened instrumentation base that provides an addictive groove that you just can’t get enough of.

With a booming bass line coupling quite nicely with the uplifting groove on offer in the percussion, Verdance utilises the podium created in the rhythm section to provide plenty of atmospheric bliss with various samples and synths combining together that injects a significant amount of texture to the already polished production base.

“It has been so weird over the past year or so for us as a local, national and global community. Divided online, we also got separated in the physical world due to the Pandemic upon us. Our networks were disrupted and we were unable to look after each other properly. Unison felt like a record that could help unite people. I wanted to create a work that suggested unity, equality, love, and euphoria. Fitting tonics for a global landscape that needs to become whole once again” – Verdance

out now via: Stereofox
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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