Sydney hip hop/R&B duo St. Christoph & Shaade have been setting the scene alight in recent times with their super infectious grooves, and with the release of their sophomore EP titled ‘No Pressure’ they’ve raised the bar that little bit extra with an extremely polished collection of silky instrumentation and commanding melodies that’ll be stuck in your head for days on end.

Featuring previous singles ‘Slippin’ and ‘Pressin’, ‘No Pressure’ delves deep into a smoothened R&B/hip hop goodness with those alluring foundations of crunchy drums and fresh bass lines setting the mood just right whilst the bright and bubbly keys inject that extra dose of vibrancy into the already colourful soundscape compiled. With those flowing melodies producing a considerable amount of charisma across the mix, St. Christoph & Shaade leave no stone unturned in this pristine production that is as flawless as they come.

“If you dig a little deeper into the song themes – the start, the middle, the end – it is all about relationships and working through the emotions associated with them. Music and arrangement-wise, we really wanted to showcase our skills whilst showing admiration for people doing their own thing. We have a real respect for people like that and wanted to collaborate with artists and producers with the same energy, the ones that are moving in their own lane too. Guys like Daniel March and Sergiio who’s just on his own planet.” – St Christoph & Shaade

out now via: Be Rich Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Spotify

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