Two of the biggest names going around in electronic music have joined forces in San HoloManila Killa for a monster collaboration titled ‘Mean It’, a bright yet emotional release that features the vocals of Nick Lopez that was conceived during the pandemic that depicts the feelings associated with being alone after a break up.

With the emotionally-charged lyricism held at the core of the messaging, San Holo and Manila Killa contrast this superbly with uplifting instrumentation such as the ambient guitars, rising percussion and striking synths that provide not only a considerable amount of brightness in the soundscape but deliver that sense of motivation into the listeners minds. Lopez provides that sense of calmness into the arena, with a laid-back delivery perfectly matching the gentleness of the tempo which sees the lyricism strike a chord with us even more so.

“Mean It” is one of those songs that came out of nowhere. I started noodling on guitar and the next thing you know we had the idea for the song. It took me coming back to LA earlier this year to finally be able to finish it off everybody. But I’m excited to finally be releasing this one alongside my show at Bill Graham with Manila Killa!” – San Holo

out now via: bitbird/Moving Castle/Counter Records

artist connect:
San Holo: FacebookTwitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Manila Killa: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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