After months of teasing us with exhilarating glimpses, New Zealand duo SACHI finally come through with the goods in the form of their powerful new EP ‘Breakfast With Ella’, a six-track release that provides emphatic electronic production with resonating lyricism depicting the coming of age during the global pandemic and all of the emotions revolving around it.

‘Breakfast With Ella’ sees SACHI continue to provide polished production that is so crisp across your speakers, which is comprised of blistering bass and glistening synths that inject a significant amount of vibrancy into the mix alongside the enlightening vocals that travel through the jam-packed soundscape in a light yet commanding manner. With plenty of energy to go around throughout the EP, ‘Breakfast With Ella’ will be a staple of your summer with its appealing nature that will lift your spirits immensely.

“Each project has been a constant evolution of our sound and the SACHI project. So much has changed since we released our first EP, it’s been such an amazing journey. For us, each character (Bianca, Ruby, Ella) are all characters the listener can interpret into their own lives.” – SACHI

out now via: Republic Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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