German producer Mazde cements his status as one of the finest future bass producers going around with his long awaited debut self-titled album, a 10 track release that provides elements of both surging and atmospheric energy that delves into an emotional journey of relationships, love and anguish.

Throughout the ten tracks on offer we are blessed to witness collaborations with Rromarin, Hugo,  LissA, Lisa Mitchell and Young Naughty Soul that adds a real shine across the already polished and pristine mixes on offer, whereby Mazde utilises a significant depth in production with booming bass lines, tight and concise trap beats, menacing synths and glowing pads that intertwine to enforce a thickened wall of sound with plenty of revitalising energy sent through our speakers.

out now via: Buttermilk
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram


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