1tbsp – Joan (EP) daste. – butterfly (so free) [premiere] Acid Stag Radio JVLY – ‘swim’ [Premiere] Chores – Crave Me (feat. Jezzabell Doran) Tails – is that ok? (feat. Benji Lewis)

Logic1000 continues to produce thick and juicy dance music that you know will pop right off in the clubs worldwide with her brand new EP ‘In The Sweetness of You’, a five-track release on her own imprint Therapy that travels through in a blistering manner courtesy of the intoxicating grooves on offer.

With previous single ‘What You Like’ featuring on the track listing, ‘In The Sweetness of You’ continues to build on the foundations set with a powerful rhythm section that features strengthened four to the floor grooves and booming bass lines that are heightened significantly by the swarming synths that wash over the mix and add to the already significant depth on offer throughout the production.

“The last EP I made, You’ve Got The Whole Night To Go, was very much a club and festival EP that would have been – if not for lockdown – perfect for playing out. But while making this EP, there was the potential that the songs could actually be played out in clubs and festivals – and there are definitely moments on this release that could be played out. However, most of the tracks are more for listening in a quieter setting. This wasn’t a conscious decision by any means, it was simply the product of experimentation and growth.” – Logic1000

out now via: Therapy
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