An upcoming Australian artist who goes by the name Lemonade Baby has caught our attention recently with his singles ‘Is It Too Late‘ and ‘Ex Best Friend‘, and I was very excited to hear he had one more single to share with us before the year came to a close.

This one is called ‘You’re Bad For Me’ and it has this catchy indie-house groove which is perfect for swinging your hips to. This newcomer is really showcasing his skills on this one and I am very keen to see what else he has in-store for us!

“‘You’re Bad For Me’ started with the piano chords and then I slapped in some drums. I had a vibe down in about 15 mins and by the end of the day I had a backing track done as well.

The lyrics were written maybe 3 months later when I had something I wanted to write about. At the time I had some friends go through big breakups and those inspired the concept for the song. It’s kinda about being open with yourself about how someone is bad for you, much like how some would say that sugar is bad for you.” – Lemonade baby

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out now via: Mammal Sounds Records
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