The duo from Krewella shake things up a touch with their emphatic new single ‘Never Been Hurt’, a thick and juicy deep house offering featuring the talents of Asian-American duo BEAUZ that is filled with filthy instrumentation and powerful vocals that blare through your speakers with their ferocious manner.

In the initial stages of the release we witness an openness in the soundscape, whereby plenty of alluring elements come to play such as the thickened synth bass and penetrating beats that set the empowering nature in tact right before Krewella‘s captivating vocals sparkle in front of our eyes. With the ominous pads leading us into the explosive chorus, as we arrive there we see a noticeable rise in energy with those vocal samples providing that further injection of strength into the already boastful mix.

“The inspiration of ‘Never Been Hurt’ comes from the feeling of the body and heart slowly opening its doors again after being calloused by the pain of love. Surrendering to intimacy is a leap of faith, and in a way, memories of past loss or trauma become erased when we are ready to experience love again in its pure innocence. We wrote the song a few years ago and have been waiting for the right vibe to bring the song to the finish line. As sisters, we found it sweet to be collaborating with brothers Bernie and Johan Yang, and despite being confined to the internet during the pandemic, we managed to have a seamless flow of sending versions of the song back and forth.” – Krewella

Stream via: Mixed Kids Records

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BEAUZ: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

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