Following on from their smashing release ‘Piece Of My Mind’, BROODS slow things down with a smooth groover in their new single ‘Heartbreak’, the latest single from their forthcoming album ‘Space Island’ on February 18th, 2022 and they’ve also just announced an Australian/NZ tour for February/March next year!

‘Heartbreak’ initialises itself with a more minimalistic approach in the early stages with the key elements of the composition carrying the torch forward, that being the groovy bass line, crunchy percussion and Georgia Nott‘s captivating vocals. As we progress through the piece, we become further spellbound by the impressive production of BROODS with swirling synths coming to the forefront that crash through the chorus like a wave and intertwine with Nott’s pristine melodies that results in an indulgence of sound on offer.

“We wrote this from a place of determination. Determined to learn from the loss of my marriage and keep my heart open in its most tender state. When I say, ‘Let your heart break’, I’m whispering to myself to stay present with the grief and transmute it into empathy. It was a mantra for me when I first separated from my husband. One of our parents would reiterate to me daily at the beginning of my healing,”  – BROODS

Fans can catch BROODS on their forthcoming Australian/New Zealand tour. Check out the dates and locations below and sign up for the presale here.

out now via: Universal Music Australia
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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