Following on from working with Jono Ma on her infectious single ‘The Fire’, Australian singer-songwriter/producer Austen surprises fans with her brand new EP ‘Small’, a four-track offering that by no means is a small release with a deep dive into the world of electronic/pop with pristine production and soothing melodies for days.

Featuring recent singles ‘The Fire’ and ‘North South East West’, ‘Small’ unearths two new singles including the focus track ‘How To Be Alone’ which was co-written/co-produced by Sam Phay and mixed by Jono Ma that follows where the previous singles left off with gripping instrumentation that initially plays a supporting role to Austen‘s commanding vocals and rising to the occasion in the chorus where the pop influence becomes prevalent with strengthened drums and synths bringing forth a surge of energy alongside the catchy melodies soaring atop of the mix.

How To Be Alone’is dedicated to the person who told me ‘you need to learn how to be alone’ a month before a global pandemic hit. After 200 days locked down, I’m getting better, but I’m still learning.”  – Austen

out now via: Tank Top Records
artist connect: Instagram | Facebook | Twitter| Soundcloud

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