It’s hard to believe that it’s been 10 years since Australian electronic duo YesYou smashed their way onto the scene with their debut single ‘Half of It’, and to celebrate the guys are giving us a special ep titled “A Decade of ‘Half of It” which includes re-works from the likes of Australian newcomer Lemonade Baby, Norwegian house producer Karolinski and Nebraska based multi-instrumentalist Dryden Thomas.

With each flip on the original, each artist unearths a new beauty that gives us another viewpoint to admire. For instance, Lemonade Baby strips the song right back to its core with a stunning acoustic rendition that provides a soothing nature to the soundscape, and also comes with a neat little video accompaniment which was shot by melrose.

With this release YesYou welcome both old and new audiences to admire the delightfulness that the original encompasses, and in-turn empower the ‘Half of It’ legacy to continue for many more years to come.

‘Everything happened so quickly. Within a few weeks we were speaking with managers, lawyers and labels. We had absolutely no idea what was happening or the impact ‘Half of It’ was going to have on our lives.’ – YesYou

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