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Fresh off his recent release ‘Storm’ a matter of weeks ago, Finnish producer Rony Rex continues to ignite the fire in us all with a darkened new single titled ‘Awake Me’ that sees the haunting vocals of SACRE add to the already commanding production base that carries forth an uncompromising groove that takes no prisoners.

Rex builds up a robust nature throughout ‘Awake Me’, with the initial stages implementing the key elements of the tracks structure: a menacing synth bass, tight and concise percussion and striking synths. As these elements intensify as we progress to the chorus section, we see those haunting vocals of SACRE scatter themselves across the mix to add further depth to the already jam-packed soundscape that provides the perfect launch pad for the wall of sound to explode and energise all within their path.

Stream via: Rony Rex
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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