If you’re looking for the perfect start to your weekend, or just wishing to reminisce about the old days we’ve got just what you need with your first listen of Canadian producer NICOLAAS‘ brand new single ‘Forever Always’ that continues his use of nostalgic elements to deliver plenty of groove and uplift through a nu disco backdrop.

Teaming up with Kimchii, ‘Forever Always’ comes through with a light-hearted approach providing plenty of atmospheric bliss to evoke that sense of summer with its vibrant output of glistening guitars, crunchy drums and sublime bass. With those breezy melodies floating through the mix in a carefree manner, NICOLAAS manipulates the production to achieve the highest level of catchiness with the intertwining of the addictive vocals and playful instrumentation sticking in your head for days on end.

“Nostalgia plays a huge role in this project. I find a lot of inspiration when looking back – be it to my own memories, older music, art, fashion, or perspectives in-general. There’s so much to look back at, it constantly pushes us forward. To me, this track evokes a feeling of nostalgia. Referring to love, looking back is a good way to ground yourself in the present. We learn more about ourselves with each relationship we build, and hopefully grow from those experiences.” – NICOLAAS

Out now via: Too Slow To Disco
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