Fresh off the release of his most recent single ‘MACHINE’ last month, Melbourne-born/LA-based artist Mild Minds continues to mesmerise us with captivating soundscapes filled with wonder in his latest ‘HAUNTED’, a stirring journey of tantalising synths and driving percussion that encompasses plenty of drive throughout its duration.

‘HAUNTED’ centres itself around a rolling synth pattern and a crunchy drum base, setting the fast-paced tempo in tact whilst those hazy vocals float above the mix in a breezy fashion. These key elements become the mainstays of the composition as we progress through, with Mild Minds adding further depth in the synths to intensify during the chorus sections within an already jam-packed soundscape that showcases plenty of energy and passion all the way through.

“I think we had all spent a part of 2020 contemplating a lot about our own lives, while feeling a general sense of darkness looming over whether we’d be losing loved ones, or not. For a lot of us we did.  The heaviness of it all led me to explore more melancholic themes in my music. I found myself breaking down all of the shades that might be associated with melancholy; exploring death, loss, rebirth, and the associated beauty. This ultimately led me to wanting to use flowers on the artwork, being something that both dies and blooms again each year.” – Mild Minds

out now via: Foreign Family Collective
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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