Bringing forth a sense of optimism and hope within an alt/pop backdrop, Australian artist LOVER continues to impress across all fronts with his long-awaited new EP ‘Rookie Era’ that intertwines catchy melodies with breezy instrumentation that is the perfect backdrop to unwind to.

‘Rookie Era’ sees an expansive list of collaborators and writers, with the likes of Nick Ward, Chris Lanzon, Les Priest (LANY)Sam Gidley (October Tooth) and Campbell Burns (Vacations) enlisted to further heighten the polished production base that LOVER has come through with. Throughout the duration of the release, we see a laid-back nature in the tempo that contrasts with the various colours and moods derived from the vast array of instrumentation on offer, such as the joyful acoustic guitars, crunchy percussion and atmospheric pads laying down the foundations for us all to escape within. With LOVER‘s playful melodies moving their way across the soundscape in a carefree manner, ‘Rookie Era’ showcase a sense of growth and maturity in the both his musicianship and confidence as an artist that is sure to see his stock rise immediately.

‘Sonically I wanted the EP to encapsulate that ‘rough around the edges’ feeling of the time and emotions. Songs like ‘Wow’, ‘Palm Reader’ and ‘Close Your Eyes’ have distorted moments that clash with their soft acoustic instrumentals. Vocally, I was pushing to try different approaches and that reflects in the shouty moments of Forever and Wow, as well as the dynamic vocals in ‘Close Your Eyes’. Keeping with the theme of contrast, lyrically the tracks channel an optimistic tone. Despite the uncertainty during the writing process, there are certain things; relationships, career choices and personal characters that are built in these moments. I am lucky to have those foundations. I am extremely proud of this EP and while it may only be five tracks for now, Rookie Era is a trilogy – so expect more very soon :)’ – LOVER

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