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After months of providing us with some emphatic glimpses of what’s in store, French artist Khamsin ends the wait for his fans with the highly anticipated release of his latest EP ‘Aria’ that continues to showcase his unique soundscapes filled with wonder and space that you want to transport yourself to immediately.

Featuring previously released singles ‘Riot’ & ‘A Space In Between’ (ft. On Planets), ‘Aria’ unearths two previously unheard tracks that further the depth of production on offer throughout the release. With layers upon layers of synths making their presence felt with a thick wall of sound, Khamsin manages to balance the tightrope between atmospheric bliss and blistering energy that ensures a well rounded sonic odyssey that is an exhilarating journey overall.

“Aria is the intangible, divine being that provides me inspiration and allows me to observe the world with a unique perspective; a guiding light. Sometimes, Aria and I are in love, sometimes we are enemies. Aria is both my biggest fear and my greatest strength. This project is an open letter to Aria” – Khamsin

Stream via: Moving Castle
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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