Belgium producer Jerro continues to master the art of ethereal soundscapes full of wonder and uplift with the highly anticipated release of his debut album ‘Coming Home’, an eleven-track offering that showcases elements of pop, dance, house that collectively serve up some serious groove and energy for us all to bask within.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Panama, Fractures and Tailor, ‘Coming Home’ provides something for near all music tastes with its tantalising energy on offer throughout. With a significant depth of production on show with energetic synths, atmospheric pads, upbeat grooves and stunning vocals, Jerro provides us with that podium to escape reality and move to a more tranquil and relaxing state of mind with his infectious positivity on offer.

“My debut album is something that I have always dreamed of since I started making music, and it feels surreal that it is finally being released. One thing I love about the album is the diversity of sounds. There are pop-driven tracks like “Too Weak” that are the people-pleasers, true melodic-house tracks like “Stay”, indie tracks like “Are You There”, and club tracks like “Sweeping”. I really wanted to put together an album where every type of listener can find songs that they enjoy, while still staying true to that classic Jerro sound, and I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out!” – Jerro

Stream via: This Never Happened
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