HouisIndigo Eyes & Taura Lamb have combined forces for a warm lo-fi delight that’ll be the perfect accompaniment for those drives down the coast in summer titled ‘sad all the time’, a feel-good offering filled with captivating vocals, glowing soundscapes and laid-back grooves that you’ll find yourself lost within.

With those breezy vocals from Taura Lamb majestically swaying through the air, ‘sad all the time’ maintains a carefree feeling across its duration with those crisp yet smooth beats transferring an addictiveness into the core of the track, whilst the bright synths and pads deliver an atmospheric feeling to the overall picture painted in the mix. Houis and Indigo Eyes ensure a polished production that chooses not to overcomplicate itself and rather ensure each element has its space to shine, whilst providing a sense of liveliness with those splashes of the vocal samples to continue the brightness in those break down moments.

“Sad All The Time is the result of Houis and I’s first ever collaboration between producers. We wanted to create a track that was warm and super laid back but also a could put you in your feels. I knew I had to be involved as soon as he send over the first demo and I heard the chords he’d written, after that our production styles worked so seamlessly together. Taura provided some absolutely heavenly vocals to tie it all together, and it became a passion project between the three of us which we’re all really proud of!” – Indigo Eyes

Stream via: Houis
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