Los Angeles producer/vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Dot delivers a glowing tale of being afraid to tell a friend about your feelings towards them through her new single ‘Want To Say’, a genre-bending journey filled with engaging instrumentation and haunting melodies that evokes that sense of mysteriousness throughout its duration.

Dot shines in the central focus point of ‘Want To Say’, with her stunning vocals floating effortlessly amongst the mix and leaves you in awe with its raw beauty on display. These are heightened significantly once the supporting instrumentation comes to the forefront, with acoustic guitars setting the scene before the softened synths and eclectic percussion brings plenty of energy into the soundscape, as well as the robust synth bass providing an addictive groove to the spectrum.

“‘Want To Say’ holds a lot of sentimental value to me — the song is about not being able to express one’s true feelings to a friend through words, but finding the courage and ability to do so in music.– Dot

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