Parisian-based multi-instrumentalist and producer Crayon delivers his first release of the year in a major way, teaming up with Jo Lowenthal of the Australian band Tora and rapper Gracy Hopkins for a stunning new single ‘Misplaced’ that is dripping in soulful influence in its glowing instrumentation that oozes charisma across all facets.

‘Misplaced’ showcases the production expertise of Crayon, utilising the sublime vocals of Lowenthal and adding a subtle pitch shift to take them to a whole new dimension alongside the raw keys and scattered percussion that set the tone for the track. As we progress through the track, we see that even as we arrive into the chorus that Crayon maintains the overall flow by merely adding another element of groove in the robust synth bass rather than shifting the intensity up a gear. With Hopkins’ commanding performance in the latter half of the piece adding that final layer of smoothness, ‘Misplaced’ ensures its silkiness with a well-rounded production that you’ll simply adore for years to come.

“The track Misplaced was created at a time when I was going through a lot of changes and felt very lost in the process. My friend Jo from Tora came to stay for a few days in what was to become my new flat, with my first ever roommate Bastien. I felt a bit lost during the session, a bit ‘misplaced’, but everything happened very spontaneously, from Bastien jamming on my goto Prophet synth preset and Jo’s vocals that instantly called for this pitch effect I added on his opening line. Production-wise it’s sort of the opposite of what I had just released with Duñe. Instead of going for my traditional, mostly acoustic/live sound, I tried to dabble in more uncomfortable territories, with a noticeably colder/more numeric feel that contrasts how organically this track was crafted. Gracy’s visit at the end of that afternoon perfectly sums it all up, as we didn’t really plan on having him featured, nor see him write any words for his verse. He just took the mic that was hanging in my bedroom and did his thing exactly how you hear it. Ultimately, Misplaced is really about accepting even the darkest place you may find yourself in, and embracing whatever comes out of it.” – Crayon

out now via: Erased Tapes
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