Vancouver futuristic soul/R&B artist Clear Mortifee delivers a crunchy release full of depth and wonder titled ‘Teeth’, their third single of the year in the lead up to their upcoming EP ‘Fairies II’ that features the talents of Teddy Roxpin, Ricky Bakken, and Smile High on collaborative duties.

‘Teeth’ brings forth a real grit and drive with its production, serving up some serious groove and swagger in its approach with that cohesive combination of brittle percussion, smoothened bass and dreamy guitars. These elements set a charismatic foundation in tact for Mortifee’s commanding vocals to take centre stage and fully immerse themselves within the smashing instrumentation on offer to further accentuate the flavour and groove on offer.

“Behind my song Teeth was the painful experience of being in a relationship while experiencing both gender dysphoria ~ feeling that my partner couldn’t see me for my true gender; and what I call spiritual dysphoria ~ feeling unseen in my true spiritual identity. I felt like I was blaming him for the pain I was going through, instead of taking accountability and choosing a different life for myself. Fast forward a year and a half and I’m grounded on my new path, but back then, pre-medical transition, it was a very hard time. I think this song reflects that struggle.” – Clear Mortifee

Stream via: AntiFragile Music
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