Over the last two years, boylife has left a major mark on the scene with some of the most stunning and pristine soundscapes going around, and this week he has gone full circle with the highly anticipated release of ‘gelato’, the debut effort that sees a multi-faceted approach across the twelve individual tracks on offer whilst magnetising us all with those captivating vocals that are simply divine.

‘gelato’ is a significantly diverse project, with moments of smooth R&B/soul influence being contrasted with the emphatic alternative sounds that showcases boylife‘s adaptability and confidence as an artist. With each backdrop and colour setting on display throughout the release, boylife manages to leave us gobsmacked with those utterly irresistible melodies that are incredibly soulful in their approach and soar to incredible heights with their manipulation.

“‘gelato’ is a self-portrait. I made it across four years without really planning to make an album. I like that gelato melts and you have to enjoy it while it still holds a shape. I tried to catch the moments at the centre of each song the same way, gentle but knowing it’s only here for a little bit.” – boylife

Stream via: boylife
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