Bonobo has us already looking forward to 2022 with the announcement of his forthcoming album ‘Fragments’ being released on January 14, and he’s given us another sneak peak of what’s in store through his hypnotic new single ‘Rosewood’ that’ll get you grooving along with its eclectic beats and warm instrumentation on offer.

‘Rosewood’ builds in a restrained manner, slowly but surely rising to the surface through a repetitive pattern in the percussion coupling with the pianos and vocal sample to set the scene for us right before liftoff. As the drums take centre stage, we see the synths come to the forefront soaring through the mix and shifting the intensity to another level. Bonobo maintains throughout the duration that the groove remains a core element to the structure, even in moments of restraint you still feel that driving tempo holding a firm stranglehold and thus allowing the listener to immerse themselves in the masterclass on offer.

Stream: Ninja Tune
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