With hit after hit under his belt over the past few months, bbno$ [pronounced baby-no-money] continues to built on his commanding hip-hop sound with the highly-anticipated release of his brand new album ‘eat ya veggies’ that exerts a considerable amount of energy and power across your speakers.

Featuring collaborations with the likes of Rebecca Black, Night Lovell, and Rich Brianbbno$ manages to find a way to bring forth emphatic sounds in each of his tracks that leaves a mammoth impact on the mixes throughout. With a blend of darkened energy through some blistering synth bass and deep-hitting beats contrasting with the uplifting sounds of warm synths and glistening guitars, bbno$ leaves no stone unturned with his wide-ranging soundscapes on offer that take full flight once he steps up to the mic with his enforcing melodies demanding your attention.

“eat ya veggies is really just my social responsibility to tell the kids to eat more vegetables. There is no deeper contextualized meaning. Hope you enjoy lol.” – bbno$

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