Nigerian-American artist/songwriter Ayotemi delivers a commanding flow within his brand new single ‘New Jam’, a powerful multi-genre bender that sees Foolie $urfin enlisted on production duties with a concise mix serving up a strengthened backbone for those smooth melodies to sway through.

‘New Jam’ provides us with a polished production built up on the foundations of a dominant rhythm section that ignites the flame within the mix with its power, all while Ayotemi lays it all out on the line with his confident vocals that stand tall in the central position. With all aspects of the production creating a booming sensation through our speakers, ‘New Jam’ sets itself up to launch with its heated soundscape making its mark with its force.

“‘New Jam’ feels like a fully immersive film condensed into 2 minutes and 51 seconds. It’s the kind of vibe you just have to live in for a while. A lot of what I’m saying on this record is me manifesting my future. I believe very much in the power of the tongue and oftentimes I find myself stepping into songs I wrote in the past. When I create I’m pulling from the “panorama of time”. I have to thank Foolie $urfin for the production and Floro for the engineering and sound design.” – Ayotemi

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