Finland producer Alisky depicts a relatable tale of restless nights and doubts of uncertainty in the current global climate for an artist with a powerful dance/pop offering titled ‘Limbo’, a track that utilises a darkened colour palate alongside those hazy vocals that intertwines with the compelling groove throughout.

Luring us in with the mysteriousness of the sweeping pads and the lowered vocals of Alisky to set the tone, ‘Limbo’ subtly inserts the dance influence as we travel through the verses before we see a shift in intensity where we are met with a lively groove in the drums alongside the bright guitars that contrasts with the murkiness on display in the early stages.

’’I feel like sleep and being rested is such an unappreciated thing for artists, so I wanted to make a song about it. I’ve been lucky to work with amazing songwriters and producers during the past few years, but with this one I wanted to go back to doing everything myself, even putting it out without a label or anything, this is 100% me.’’ – Alisky

Stream via: Alisky
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