Naarm/Melbourne based producer/DJ VACATETHEROOM has come through with quite an enticing display of darkened electronica with the release of his brand new EP ‘Telecommunication’ that sends an hypnotic effect through to you with spine-tingling synths and fast-paced beats sending shockwaves across your speakers.

Comprising four hazy and mysterious tracks, VACATETHEROOM successfully provides us with a platform for escaping reality with a fog scattered throughout the colour palate through the murkiness on display in the production. ‘Telecommunication’ combines garage-styled grooves blistering away at the surface, and launching further with soaring synths/pads and emphatic bass that injects a haunting feeling across the already gloomy mixes.

“These tracks were born out of the need to escape, and to create my own environment. Each an experiment, a kind of transportation into alternate worlds, for both myself and anyone with some headphones. I hope that people can connect with this project in that way, or their own”. – VACATETHEROOM


Stream via: Lost Properties Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud

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