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Unusual Demont continues to leave us stunned with his genre-bending best through his debut EP ‘HUES.’ that sees the best of alt-pop/R&B on display with captivating melodies and smoothened instrumentation that lathers us up with its goodness right from the first listen.

The key element that shines in ‘HUES.’ are the sultry melodies of Unusual Demont that are not only incredibly enthralling, but intertwine with the groovy instrumentation that accentuates a ridiculous amount of charisma across the soundscape. With flavoursome bass lines, luscious guitars and those R&B inspired drums, Unusual Demont delivers a warmth within each individual mix that glows so bright that you can’t help but be amazed with what you’re witnessing.

“I wrote and recorded all of ‘HUES.’ in my basement back home in Madison, Wisconsin. During this writing period I had reached an extremely low point in my life – wake up, go to a job I didn’t care about, go to bed, repeat. I just remember constantly looking for something that would make me feel a little better inside, just the slightest warmth.” – Unusual Demont

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