Liverpool producer Tom Ferry has had us all dancing throughout 2020 with his brand of infectious dance music all in the lead up to the release of his debut album, and this week he’s come full circle with the release of ‘shapes’ that explores a wide range of colour throughout its thirteen tracks on offer.

As we travel through the duration of ‘shapes’, we begin in a more uplifting manner filled with bright synths and smashing percussion that lays the groundwork for the soaring vocals in each individual offering. However, Ferry changes things up a notch in the latter half of the release with a shift towards a deep house influence whereby the mood-set changes to a darkened palette through emphatic bass lines coming to the forefront in a powerful manner. Showcasing literally all the skills in his artillery, Tom Ferry uses the podium created in ‘shapes’ to go full circle and provide a well rounded release that encompasses a significant amount of depth throughout.

“When I think about music, I think about shapes. When I imagine a kick, I imagine the shape of the waveform in my mind, so there’s a kind of mysterious, deeper meaning in there. A lot of songs have a different shape in my head. Like circles, squares, octagons etc., individually representing the symbolism I feel when making a song. Nothing is linear, it all encompasses a bigger entity.” – Tom Ferry

Stream: ChillYourMind
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