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Atlanta producer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Silent Child follows up from his debut EP in a rebellious style alongside Canadian singer-songwriter margø for their new single ‘Strange’, a powerful combination of electronic and rock influence that blares through your speakers with its emphatic nature.

‘Strange’ packs a serious punch with its enforcing instrumentation making its presence felt throughout its duration, with distorted elements such as the guitars creating a buzzing sensation alongside the vigorous drums and blasting bass to provide plenty of intensity. With both Silent Child and margø‘s commanding vocals providing that extra pinch of power to the already impressive mix, ‘Strange’ maintains its anthemic nature of staying true to yourself and not conforming to the masses.

“This song means a lot to me personally. It’s about being different from other people and those close to you trying to change you. But, honestly, it’s okay to be different. Sometimes our differences might seem strange to other people, but just because we aren’t the same doesn’t mean we have to be.” – Silent Child

Stream via: Cloudkid
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