After a string of impressive singles earlier this year, Meanjin/Brisbane producer Sampology comes through with the goods in the form of a global-spanning sound palate in his latest album ‘Regrowth’, a twelve-track offering that encompasses an insane amount of influences that rounds out for a truly enlightening output.

‘Regrowth’ enlists a vast array of collaborators including Allysha JoyBeau DiakowiczLaneousJace XLJames Chatburn, Seven Davis Jnr and Silentjay that compliment the flavoursome grooves on offer throughout the track list significantly. Sampology provides a vibrant soundscape throughout ‘Regrowth’ that sees an ridiculous amount of depth held in the mix with plenty of movement and energy blaring out of your speakers, which enforces all listeners to get up of their seats and get amongst the addictive nature on offer.

This album represents where I’ve been in the last few years in my desire to build a specific environment. The feeling of Regrowth is what I gravitated towards when I first started getting into music, which was sample based albums that allow you to discover something new with every listen, either insular in your headphones, or grooves coming through a sound system. The difference with Regrowth is that most of the samples are made up from instrumentation I’ve either played myself or enlisted people around me to play. I couldn’t have made this album without my collaborators and peers’. – Sampology

Stream via: Middle Name Records
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