Following on from his hit release ‘Juno’ earlier this year to critical acclaim worldwide, Running Touch returns with a well-rounded collection of organic and electronic instrumentation with ‘Ceilings’ that carries forth an addictive nature with its highly energetic approach that you just know will go off in a festival setting.

‘Ceilings’ lures you in immediately with a restrained instrumentation base subtly rising to the occasion alongside Running Touch‘s vocals that crescendo into an explosion of sound in the chorus. As we arrive, we are met with an infectious groove in the drums that is accentuated further by the strengthened bass and buoyant keys which achieves a wide range of colour being both darkened and uplifting that results in a surge of energy being transferred through to the audience.

“I really fell in love with this loaded, anthemic sound in this period, referencing strong samplers who create synths and sounds that feel in-between organic and synthetic like Calvin Harris, Daft Punk and Leno. I wanted to mix this with live drums, and I think that’s what really drives it into life. I tried out a lot of chorus vocals but settled on this because I felt reminiscent of one of my favourite songs: ‘Porcelain’, by Moby.” – Running Touch

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