Los Angeles anonymous duo nightswimX make their presence felt immediately on the scene with a thrilling debut single titled ‘giveX’, a dark and mysterious single combining elements of thrill, horror and pop in its swift duration that results in an emphatic energy that’ll get your heart racing.

‘giveX’ lures you in immediately with the hypnotic riff setting its place in the core of the mix whilst nightswimX maintain the fearful nature of the release with thumping percussion, quirky synths stabbing in and out of the soundscape all while the haunting melodies glide in a light manner above the production. nightswimX make it very hard not to be obsessed with the production on offer throughout this debut single, with an off-kilter approach making sure that no one knows what to expect as we travel through the exhilarating journey.

Stream via: Lowly
Artist Connect: YouTube | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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