Melbourne-born/LA-based artist Mild Minds brings forth a masterclass in synth production with a surging new single titled ‘MACHINE’, a darkened electronic offering filled with a significant amount of depth that is evident within the swarming instrumentation rising to the occasion that deliver plenty of sheer grit throughout.

‘MACHINE’ hypnotises all within its path with various elements luring you in with its inquisitive nature in the early stages, such as the mesmeric repeated rhythm that is carried forth from the beginning and the swooping synths that meld into each other to create a surge of electricity. As the intensity rises on the journey to the chorus, Mild Minds heightens the soundscape with an insertion of an infectious groove that you want to immerse yourself in immediately upon first listen, whilst scattering vocal samples across the top of the mix to continue with the notion of obscurity that is evident all the way through the release.

“With the new set of singles upcoming, I wanted to sway between both machine and human influences, as represented by vocal tracks that explore intimate human emotion, and dance records that are inspired by machines and artificial intelligence. The choice to do this in a ‘singles format’ was to allow for a back and forth; simultaneously exploring two directions but also thematically exploring our merger with technology. MACHINE was the only song I made during hotel quarantine while entering Australia late 2020. It was made almost solely on a prophet 5 synth. I was exploring topics of AI and robotics at the time and imagined a future where these two technologies would combine and be capable of building structures by themselves”. – Mild Minds

Stream via: Foreign Family Collective
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud


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