Sydney based artist Kwame is back for the first time this year with a late-night sound palate on offer with ‘H I G H E R’, a neo-soul/R&B release that sees raw emotion outpoured both musically and vocally with a commanding performance on offer that leaves you in awe.

Depicting the feelings associated with the early stages of a new relationship, Kwame lays it all out there with a soaring vocal performance that is truly mesmerising as we see the power on offer both in the higher and lower ends of his register. This is intensified further when the scintillating synths and booming rhythm section come to the forefront with blistering force that provides a significant amount of heat across the soundscape.

“‘H I G H E R’ is a song that speaks on the euphoric nature of intimacy one in embarks on with their significant other, this was actually one of the first songs where after producing the instrumental, I just grabbed the mic and punched in the verses and chorus after every 8 bars or so. This was new and fun to me as I’m more used to sitting down and taking the time to write, whereas, this process here allowed me to just say whatever was on my mind at the time.” – Kwame

Stream via: Ditto Music
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