Just last week we were graced with the addictive ‘Who You Callin’ Cold Hearted’, and now Jonah Zed has come through with the long-awaited release of ‘SUMMER IN SLOW MOTION’, a five-track release dripping in alternative/pop goodness that basks in a warm summer glow with its laid-back nature on show.

Throughout ‘SUMMER IN SLOW MOTION’ Zed ensures an enjoyable time is the top priority across all aspects of the tracks on offer, with the positivity shining from the upbeat instrumentation of crispy drums and swooning guitars that set the stage for those incredibly smooth vocals that ooze ridiculous amounts of confidence in their approach. Whether you’re listening to this poolside, or simply by the fire winding down from a long days work, ‘SUMMER IN SLOW MOTION’ sets the soundtrack to forget about your troubles and let the good times roll.

“SUMMER IN SLOW MOTION is a self contained project centred around themes of isolation, reflection & love.  There are emotional moments we all have that are too complex and personal to share verbally with others.  Sometimes I wish I could slow down those moments endlessly and fully understand what I’m feeling, that’s where the title of the project comes from… My intention was to use the medium of music to share some of my moments with whoever wants to listen.” – Jonah Zed

Stream via: Jonah Zed
Artist Connect: Instagram | Soundcloud | Twitter


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