Australian artist Jamie Lane continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with his latest single in ‘Sanctuary’, a track that encompasses a heavy amount of groove whilst utilising a near ‘oriental’ influence with his instrumentation that provides a real point of difference in this hypnotic number.

‘Sanctuary’ comes through with a message of optimism and finding peace in darkness, which is displayed even more so in the opening periods where a peacefulness is on offer through the bells chiming through before the abruptness of the bass takes charge alongside the deepened beats. Jamie Lane shifts the tempo into 5th gear in the chorus whereby the vocals lure us in that little bit whilst the synths subtly intensify with a warped nature that further adds to the depth on offer across the instrumentation throughout.

“‘Sanctuary’ is a metaphor for finding peace in life, even if only for brief moments. It’s the process of learning to appreciate them when they happen and remember them in the dark times.” – Jamie Lane

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