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Combining electronic influence with a touch of alternative/rock inspiration, New York artist Jake Daniels brings forth an edgy new single titled ‘Liar’ which as the name suggests speaks of a toxic relationship that holds constant untruths at its core, and the struggle of moving on from its reach.

From the word go, ‘Liar’ travels through with a grittiness held in the guitars and bass that depicts the destructiveness that lies within the lyricism. With Daniels’ sultry styled melodies setting fire through the verses, ‘Liar’ takes full flight in the chorus where the driving nature of the track reaches its peak intensification where the hi-hats come to the party created by the commanding nature of the vocals.

“This specific track was inspired by a few older movies, ‘Basic Instinct’ being one of them. The main character is in love with someone who continues to lie to him, but he is so infatuated that he goes back again and again, even when he realizes that she’s trouble. He struggles letting go of his infatuation and attraction towards her as she is obsessive over him, even though she is a liar of the worst kind. You could even say that she’s downright ‘evil,’ using her looks to entrap men, offering something in return for giving them a part of herself.” – Jake Daniels

Stream via: Cloudkid
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