Glasshouse is an Australian-born / Singapore-based artist who makes atmospheric lo-fi House music that can be likened to a mix between Bonobo, TWO LANES and Four Tet.

Over the last few months Glasshouse has been busy working on his debut album “Deep Us”, which he’s planning to release in the coming months. Before we get to that however he does have a few more releases to share with us, the next of which being ‘Heart Plexus’ which is an impressive display of his song-writing & production skills.

As Glasshouse reveals below, this song was first written while he was in New Zealand last year. He was stuck in lockdown, and he was also bed-ridden with a heavy (non-covid related) fever, but instead of resting he can’t help but make music!

“I’ve lived in Brisbane my whole life, I’m currently in Singapore but I wrote this song mid last year while in lockdown in Wellington NZ. I had a fever at the time but I always seem to spend that time making music instead of resting!

This song was definitely a result of the fever. I was filled with a manic excited energy that reminded me of the start of spring. Our house was freezing, and the lockdown was stressful, but this song filled me with positive potential for the future!  

I’m always trying to make music from a positive mindset in the hopes of spreading good times!” – Glasshouse

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Out now via: Glasshouse
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