With news of his eighth studio album on its way, Example gives us an early treat of what’s to come with a jubilant new single ‘Every Single Time’ which features none other than What So Not and Lucy Lucy on guest vocals for a playful and vibrant collaboration that serves as a throwback linking certain songs to pivotal moments in ones life.

‘Every Single Time’ centres itself on a drum and bass groove whilst providing plenty of electronic bliss with mouthwatering synths that provide plenty of warmth across the mix. Example‘s ridiculously catchy melody immediately sink their way into your memory, and take full flight in the chorus sections whereby they are played off the energetic nature of the instrumentation to accentuate the vibrancy of the soundscape.

“Fans always say to me, ‘Oh my God, your song reminds me of the first time I lost my virginity, your song reminds me of the time I took my first pill, your song reminds me of the time I kissed my wife.’ And that got me thinking about the concept of what songs mean to people” – Example

Stream via: BMG
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