With the rising nature of emo/pop sound taking over song by song, Arizona-based singer-songwriter and producer Drew Harvey continues to see his stock rise in the scene with his brand new single ‘Trying’, an enforcing and strengthened mix that comes through with a message of opening up and confiding in your significant other.

‘Trying’ implements a lo-fi effect into the early stages of its beginning to ease the listeners into the soundscape, with the hypnotic guitar riff intertwining with the swirling keys to entice us in. Harvey then comes through with the catchy chorus that immediately becomes stuck in your head, whilst the flowing melodies of the verses showcase the raw emotion of the narrative whilst the accompanying bass and R&B styled beats provide plenty of force into the spectrum.

 “I did not intend for this to be a pessimistic take on love, but instead a reflection on the challenges that we all will face throughout our lifetime.” – Drew Harvey

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